During your training package, you will need to build up your dives for certain training programs, but most importantly get some fun dives under your belt as well. We dive every day and you are always welcome on the boat for fun diving.

All diving is included in your training package and we’ve got some great sites around Pattaya and Samaesan that include wreck and coral diving. All diving with Mermaids are done from boats, giving you a great day out with some of the best lunch you will ever have.

Highlights of our dive sites in Pattaya and Samaesan:

  • HTMS Khram wreck, sunk as an artificial reef in 2003. Lots of marine life on this wreck including a resident turtle. Fully penetrable and sits at 29m.
  • HTMS Kut wreck, sunk as artificial reef in 2006. Relatively good marine life. Fully penetrable and sits at 29m.
  • Koh Rinn, Koh Man Wichai and so much more. Beautiful coral islands with lots of marine life, corals and turtles.
  • The Hardeep wreck, sunk by the Allies in WW2. Lots of marine life on this wreck including a resident turtle. Penetrable in places and sits at 29m.
  • Hin Chalam, Shark Fin and so much more.  Beautiful coral islands with lots of marine life, corals and turtles.

Types of diving you can experience at Mermaids Dive Center:

  • Night Dives
  • Drift Dives
  • Wreck Dives
  • Coral Dives

Transport is provided from the center to the boat and back


Pattaya Dive Sites

The main scuba diving areas around Pattaya are located in what we call the “Far Islands”. These are the second ring of islands about 20-30 kilometers from Pattaya. The islands are controlled by The Royal Thai Navy, and no permanent structures are built there (boat traffic is also a minimum). These islands include Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Keung Badaan, Koh Hu Chang and Koh Phi. Altogether we have up to 20 different dive sites with visibility ranging from 5 – 15 meters.

There are many different types of soft and hard corals, and large schools of Jacks, Barracuda and Tuna. Blue Spotted Stingrays, Porcupine Pufferfish and Moray Eels can be seen on virtually every dive.

The newly sunk HTMS Khram shipwreck is located just south of Koh Phi and has fast become a favorite among local divers. An incredible amount of marine life has already been attracted to this wreck in a very short period of time.

The Samae San/Sattahip area has similar diving conditions, with the added attraction of two large intact shipwrecks. The Petchburi Bremen is an old freighter sunk in 21 meters of water in the Khram Channel (Sattahip). It’s home to many Grouper and Barracuda. The Hardeep is a cargo ship sunk in 28 meters during the World War II era. This ship is completely intact, and can be navigated from bow to stern entirely inside!!